Our campsite

The campsite is easy to find – whether by bus, or by car. Our entrance is notably marked by two restored antique city trams.

The campsite is directly accessible via the highway.

Space with electricity hookups is available year round for RV’s and camper trailers (for about 40) and a terraced site for tents (for about 30) is also available.

We provide running hot water, at no extra fee, and also have a handicap accessible shower space available.

Washing machines are available with a deposit.  We have a space for RV’s and Camper trailers to safely dispose of their waste.

Our restaurant, „The 58 Cafe” is located within a historical monement, which exudes an „old days” feel with period pieces and traditional Hungarian flavors. Our guests may begin their day here with a free buffet breakfast. Our main meals can be ordered off the menu at any time, and various discounts are available.

free buffet breakfastgreat outdoors

The „great outdoors” environment is conviently coupled with good access to public transportation: at the front entrance of the campsite (about 150 meters away) is the 102 bus stop, and a little further is the 22 bus stop.

bus stop

Either of these buses will take you to a main transportation hub, Széll Kálmán tér (on Buda side).

From there, it is possible to access a variety of other buses, trams, or metros, which can take you to the countless sights the city has to offer, including the castle district, which is the closest to our campsite.

Buda Castle Quarter    Hungarian Parliament Buildingcastle

We aim to aid your introduction to the city with a free „Budapest info packet”. Upon request we can organize sightseeing tours and sell transportation tickets. Our staff speaks several languages.

A chair-lift, which is one of the main sights of the city, begins directly at our campsite’s entrance.  The lift ends on top of János (John) Hill, from which you will discover an impressive view of Budapest. This is an ideal spot for photographers.